The Reason for It All

For the Christian, every day is like Christmas! Jesus showers His love down on us every day of the year. But sad to say, it’s not that way for so many poor folks who haven’t yet found Him. So many people are lost, lonely, downtrodden, weak, and weary. Some are weak in their bodies, others are weak in their minds, and yet others are weak in body, mind, and spirit. There are those who are trampled on: the poor, the persecuted, the hungry, victims of war and crime and exploitation; those nobody wants or cares about, those who have so little in the way of worldly goods, those who lack even the basic necessities.

Then there are others who do have material goods and who appear to “have it together” in the eyes of others, but who are lost and lonely prisoners of their own selfish desires. They are weary and heavy laden with problems, stress, fears, and phobias. There are those who wear a smile, yet ache inside; those who are engulfed in a sea of emptiness; those who suffer from pain, guilt, bitterness, and condemnation; those who feel remorse over the past or fear the future.—So many lost and desperate folks in the world today!

It reminds me of the words to that old Beatles song, “All the lonely people, where do they all come from?” Well, I’ll tell you where they come from—all the lonely people come from selfish living. All the lonely people, the lost and the forlorn, come from a dog-eat-dog society, from a lot of wrongful living. They’re products of the Devil’s own doctrines of “me first” and “do your own thing.” That’s where all the lonely people come from. All those lonely people are products of a world that has forgotten its Creator. They’re victims, the sad result of what happens when people’s lives aren’t ruled by love.

It’s getting darker and colder all the time, and many people can feel it. They may not understand it, and they don’t always want to admit it, but it’s happening. The sun is setting, the darkness is falling, and the world is looking for hope, for some ray of light. Event after event has left the nations questioning. “Why this and why that? Why all the pain and strife in the world? Why the slaughter of the innocents? Why troubles and sorrows?” These questions are being raised in people’s hearts and minds, and those whose foundations have been built on the sand, or others who had no foundations to begin with, have no answers. Never has the world been hungrier for true love and real answers than they are right now!

In this day of hatred and hardness of hearts, of confusion and deception, of scheming and sly words, of false fronts and cover-ups, there is a great need for His love to shine through. As the darkness falls and the cold winds blow, you must hold up the light. You must hold it up steady and firm for all to see.

If you will shine His light on people, He’ll do all the rest. He’ll cause it to accomplish His purpose in their lives and hearts and minds.

Not only does the world need to hear the truth today, but never before has the world been in such great need of seeing the truth. People not only need to hear about true love, they need to see it. They need to see love put into action!

It’s just human nature to sometimes confuse the words you say, but there’s no confusion when they see it put into practice. It’s like that poem by Edgar A. Guest, which says: “I’d rather see a sermon, than hear one any day. I’d rather one would walk with me than merely tell the way.” For most people to accept the truth, they not only need to hear the sermon, but they need to see the sample as well.

Jesus said, “By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another” (John 13:35). Why do you think He said that? Wouldn’t it have been enough for you to simply tell others about the love of Jesus? Couldn’t the Lord just as well have said, “By this shall all men know that you are My disciples, if you preach My message”? Wouldn’t that have been enough?

Evidently not, because the Lord said that all men would know that you are His if you have love one for another. And if you have love one for another, you’re certainly going to show it throughout the day in obvious, tangible ways that others can see. It’s not good enough to just talk about love. Jesus said you have to have love, you have to live love. The Lord knew that there would be no denying that sample.

Pray and ask the Lord to help you follow His great commandment to love your neighbor as yourself. This is the reason for it all. This is the reason Jesus came to earth in the first place—so we could have life eternal, yes, but also to teach us to love, so we could turn around and give that life to others.






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