Homosexuality (Sodomy)

(Taken from Food For Thought of The Doom Of The Sodomites — Treasures)

(1) The Lord is VERY much AGAINST the sin of SODOMY or HOMOSEXUALITY! 2Peter 2:6 says, “The Lord burned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah to ASHES, CONDEMNING them in an OVERTHROW, making them an EXAMPLE to those in following generations who would live ungodly!” Romans 1:24-27 describes sodomy as “men given over to SHAMEFUL LUSTS…men abandoning NATURAL sexual relations with WOMEN and burning in their lust for one ANOTHER…MEN committing DEGRADING acts with MEN!”

(2) Many sodomites argue that since Jesus came and abolished the old Mosaic Law, that homosexuality is no longer a sin, but has been made “pure and clean”. This is an absolute LIE! He is still COMPLETELY AGAINST it! “The Lord” Who appeared to Abraham and PERSONALLY directed the DESTRUCTION of Sodom and Gomorrah was JESUS!“Jesus Christ is the SAME, YESTERDAY, TODAY and FOREVER” (Hebrews 13:8), and His stand against the filthy act of sodomy has NOT changed!

(3) Even medical doctors will tell you that homosexuality is unnatural, dirty, and causes all kinds of diseases and infections!–And just like the Lord destroyed thousands of sodomites in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, thousands of sodomites are dying TODAY from all kinds of diseases!–Especially the deadly new disease: AIDS! As Romans 1:27 says, “Men commit indecent acts with other men, and receive in their own bodies the DUE PENALTY for their perversions!” The Lord will always try to persuade them first with love to change, but sad to say, many sodomites refuse to repent or receive the Truth! WHY? Because “they do not like to retain GOD in their knowledge”, so are “given over to a REPROBATE mind, to do those things which are UNNATURAL.”Romans 1:28.

(4) Sodomy–homosexuality–is a SPIRITUAL affliction, a demonic possession or oppression by FEMALE devils, known as “incubuses”! Whatever excuse men may give for becoming sodomites, the REAL reason is that they have yielded their minds and their bodies to DEMONS! Therefore, the only SURE way to be DELIVERED from it is to EXORCISE the she-demon by desperate prayer and REBUKE the evil spirit in JESUS’ Name! Some poor men may have gotten into sodomy, not KNOWING how wrong it is, so they need to be shown in LOVE from the Word of God that it IS wrong, and cry out for deliverance! If they will pray, He WILL deliver and forgive them!

(5) Like Sodom and Gomorrah of old, homosexuality has become widespread, accepted and even encouraged today in many nations of the Earth! Even many so-called CHRISTIANS today think that in our “modern enlightened society” we should just accept it and put up with it. That’s what LOT thought 4,OOO YEARS AGO!–But he was barely saved from God’s wrath on a whole land of Sodomites!

(6) 2Peter 2:7-8 says, “The Lord delivered RIGHTEOUS Lot, who was VEXED and tormented by the filthy lives of the wicked!” If Lot was SO “righteous,” WHY did he disobediently remain so MANY YEARS in Sodom, and have to be finally FORCIBLY pulled out to save his life?–For the same reason that many Christians TODAY live in wicked sodomite-infested cities! They love their riches and positions and the luxury of city life too much to leave, no matter HOW wicked the city is!

(7) Lot’s WIFE loved her riches and the materialistic comforts of city life even more than LOT did, so she disobeyed the Lord and gave a last, yearning look back at all her earthly treasures as they were being destroyed!–And it cost her her LIFE! When describing the terrible judgements of God that are soon to destroy TODAY’S wicked cities, Jesus compared it to the days of LOT!–Luke 17:28-30.–Ordering Christians to flee to the hills and not to turn back to get their possessions in days of wickedness and persecution, Jesus warned, “Remember Lot’s wife!”-Luke 17:32.

(8) ABRAHAM, who was a VERY righteous and Godly man, tried to persuade God NOT to destroy Sodom! He wanted God to SPARE Sodom just to save his Nephew! But God didn’t WANT to spare Sodom! Lot also was trying to save Sodom. He stayed in Sodom, trying to change and REFORM it by being a JUDGE there for YEARS!–But God knew it was a hopeless case! He HAD to destroy them before they infected the whole early World with their filthy, vile sins!–But now Sodomy is AGAIN rife and God’s judgments are again due today!

(9) Another major lesson this story brings out is the danger of COMPROMISING and not SPEAKING UP for the TRUTH, because of either hope for MATERIAL GAIN or to preserve POPULARITY and POSITION! Obviously Lot was NOT really being a FAITHFUL witness or a RIGHTEOUS Judge until that final night, because if he HAD been, he would have been driven OUT of Sodom YEARS earlier!–2Timothy 3:12. “His righteous soul was VEXED day by day”, but he didn’t SPEAK UP and REPROVE them as he SHOULD have! As Ephesians 5:11 says, “Have NOTHING to do with the unfruitful works of DARKNESS, but rather REPROVE them!”

Considering the fact that not even his sons-in-law and married daughters believed him enough to leave the city with him and his wife and unmarried daughters–but thought instead that he was JOKING–he must not have had much CONVICTION or been a very SERIOUS witness BEFORE that time! If YOU find yourself in a situation where you have to totally compromise the Message in order to STAY in a similar situation, then it is probably NOT God’s Will for you to stay there!–How about it?

–Are YOU tolerating Sodomy?

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