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Why Persecution?

Compiled from the writings of David Brandt Berg


“If the World HATES you,” Jesus told His followers, “you know that it hated ME BEFORE it hated YOU! If you were OF the WORLD, the World would LOVE its own. But because you are NOT of the World, but I have chosen you OUT of the World, THEREFORE the World HATES you!” (John 15:18,19) This explains why CHRISTIANS who are really following Jesus are frequently LIED about, VILIFIED and outright PERSECUTED by the forces of “this present evil World”! (Galatians 1:4)

“But come now!”, some may object. “This is the TWENTIETH CENTURY, a modern, enlightened and civilised age! Aren’t things different now?” Well, sad to say, NO, they’re NOT! The heart of Man is the same today as it always was! In fact, if anything, “Wicked men and deceivers have grown WORSE and WORSE”, just like the Bible said they would! (2Timothy 3:13)–And the Devil is just as real and evil as ever, and his people are just as vicious and against God’s people as ever! In this regard, times have NOT changed!

WHY did the World hate JESUS? He was PERFECT, the Son of God. He never committed a sin or did anything wrong, but look what happened to HIM! The RELIGIOUS LEADERS of His day were so infuriated with Him that they not only LIED about Him and actively campaigned against Him, but they actually had Him ARRESTED, TRIED and publicly and shamefully EXECUTED like a common criminal, crucified on a cruel cross!

WHY did they do this to Jesus? Because He EXPOSED them! They SAID the reason they wanted to get rid of Him was because He broke their RELIGIOUS laws, traditions and conventions. But the REAL reason that they wanted to kill Him was because He EXPOSED their HYPOCRISY and their SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS, He showed the public what absolute HYPOCRITES they were! “White-washed TOMBS which APPEAR beautiful and clean OUTWARDLY, but within are full of wickedness, filth and dead men’s bones!” (Matthew 23:27)

Jesus PREACHED what they WEREN’T preaching, DID what they WEREN’T doing, and showed great LOVE and MERCY to others, exposing how LITTLE love these religious leaders had! His simple life of healing, teaching, loving and reaching the common people in the streets, markets, gathering places etc., exposed and condemned the religious leaders for their selfishness and lack of love!

If you preach the TRUTH, you cannot help but make ENEMIES! Jesus said, “If I had not come and SPOKEN unto them, they had not had sin. But NOW they have NO CLOAK, no COVERING, for their sin!” (John 15:22) Which is why the ones who SHOULD have been His FRIENDS, who were supposed to be of His same religion–the Scribes, the Pharisees and the Chief Priests–were the very ones who KILLED Him! Because He EXPOSED their religion for the empty, hollow, shallow sham that it really was! (Read Matthew 23!)

Another major reason that the religious leaders violently turned against Jesus was because His liberating message of, “All you have to do now is LOVE God and your neighbours as yourself!” (Matthew 22:37-39), destroyed their dictatorial control over the people! Jesus’ doctrine of GRACE gave the people FREEDOM and made them realise that they didn’t NEED the old laws, ceremonies and traditions of their former religion any more! OUR message of Love and freedom has likewise caused many religious leaders today to accuse us of being “immoral breakers of God’s Laws”, when all we’re actually doing is accepting and practicing the liberty that the NEW TESTAMENT talks about from cover-to-cover! God’s LIBERATING Law of Love!

Jesus told some compromising hypocritical religionists of His day, “The World CANNOT hate YOU, but it hates ME.–Because I speak the TRUTH against it, EXPOSING its evils!” (John 7:7) The reason why we true Christians today have so many enemies is the same: We have uncloaked and exposed the enemies of God with the bright and searing light of His Truth!

In our PUBLICATIONS–which we have distributed throughout the World literally by the MILLIONS to the BILLIONS–we have repeatedly exposed the ANTI-CHRIST FORCES that are taking over the World! The so-called “ONE-WORLDERS”, the international big money boys who control and manipulate this World’s financial and political systems!

In HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of pages of publications, we have exposed their plans to bring on the great ECONOMIC CRASH in order to destabilise things enough for them to be able to put their man on the throne of the World! The long-foretold “ANTICHRIST” who will ultimately demand the World’s obeisance and worship, forcing men to be branded like cattle with his soul-damning credit mark and number, 666! The Mark of the BEAST! (Revelation 13). The propagators of this plot have frequently used their enormous influence and financial resources to orchestrate massive media campaigns against us.

(For more on this topic, visit The Signs Of The End site)

Our uncompromising stand against the evils of COMMUNISM–an integral PART of the Antichrist’s scheme for World domination-has also caused many to turn against us and persecute us with a vengeance! Nevertheless we feel it is our God-given duty to expose the anti-Christ forces that are at work in this World, so that people can know the TRUTH, and BEWARE, and have their eyes opened to the “Signs of the Times” that are clear indications that we are NOW living in the TIME OF THE END, and that Jesus Himself will soon return to take over this crooked World to set things STRAIGHT!

Our challenge to the established CHURCHES to obey Christ’s command to “GO into ALL the World and preach the Gospel to EVERY creature!” (Mark 16:15), has also brought the wrath of many conservative RELIGIONISTS down upon us! Because we have given our ALL to obey Christ’s command, our lives have put other Christians to shame who REFUSE to do so, so they have either got to start obeying THEMSELVES, or somehow DISCREDIT US to ease their OWN guilty consciences! This is the REAL reason that so many supposedly religious people take it upon themselves to persecute and campaign against us!

Also defectors and backsliders, who, like Judas who betrayed Jesus, have lied about us and tried to stir up trouble against us to justify themselves! Actually, MOST of them chose to leave because usually they found they were unable to sacrifice and endure the hardships and rigors of our way of life. But SOME who have left us, rather than ADMIT and confess failure on THEIR part, turn against us in order to excuse and justify themselves for leaving. A few have even been paid and manipulated by our powerful religious enemies to write and speak against us.

Another reason we have often been vilified is because we have uncompromisingly proclaimed and exposed the evils of modern, decadent AMERICA! Warning them that, “The wicked shall be turned into HELL, and EVERY nation that FORGETS God!” (Psalm 9:17) Infuriating many Americans by telling them that God would soon judge and destroy their once-Christian nation for their sins against Him and the poor of the World! The Worldfamous evangelist, Billy Graham, has said the same of the U.S.: “If God does not judge the U.S., He will have to apologise to Sodom and Gomorrah!”

We have continued to warn America of her sins, yet she has continued to turn her back on God! She has become even MORE materialistic, MORE anti-Christ, MORE perverted and MORE vicious and cruel, not only in her relentless nuclear arms build-up and unprecedented weapons sales to the rest of the World–fueling the fires of war around the Globe–but also in her creation and exportation of absolutely sickening VIOLENT and PERVERTED horror movies and so-called “thrillers”, as well as her “punk”, “heavy-metal” and other demonic music that is corrupting the youth of the entire WORLD!

Not to mention her appalling example to the rest of the World, pretending to be so righteous and “Christian” while she annually slaughters millions of innocent unborn babies through ABORTIONS, has abolished and made PRAYER, GOD and the BIBLE illegal in her public schools, and refuses to make fair and JUST TRADE AGREEMENTS with the developing nations of the World etc. etc.! Our clear-cut Biblical stand against other perverted modern trends such as HOMOSEXUALITY, so-called “WOMEN’S LIB” etc.–trends which are becoming more and more prominent and acceptable in modern Man’s twisted society–have also caused many to rise up and fight against us! Nevertheless, NONE of these forces have been able to STOP us to SATURATE the World with the Gospel of God’s Love, as well as our warnings against these anti-Christ evils of our day!

So is it any wonder that we have many jealous and hateful ENEMIES, that we are viciously PERSECUTED, that there are many who would like to do anything they could to DESTROY our work for the Lord entirely? Jesus Himself warned His followers, “Ye shall be HATED of ALL nations for My Name’s sake!” (Matthew 24:9) So why should anyone be surprised if a little persecution and opposition is raised by those whom we expose with the light of God’s Truth?

Jesus told us, “WOE unto you when ALL men shall speak WELL of you!–For so did their fathers of the FALSE prophets!” (Luke 6:26). In other words, if you’re always so POPULAR, and everyone is always thinking and speaking WELL of you, then something must be WRONG with you! This is why the Bible says that, “ALL who will live GODLY in Christ Jesus SHALL suffer PERSECUTION!” (2Timothy 3:12). If everything is always so smooth and you never have any problems or persecution, then you’re NOT living GODLY in Christ Jesus!

Of course, very few of our enemies ever give the REAL reasons WHY they persecute us. Just like JESUS’ enemies never told the Roman Governor, Pilate, the real reason why they sought to slay HIM! If they’d said, “This guy is EXPOSING us, BREAKING our TRADITIONS, and LIBERATING the people from OUR CONTROL!”, Pilate would have thrown the case out of court! So they LIED and leveled POLITICAL charges against Him: “We found this man SUBVERTING the NATION and OPPOSING payment of TAXES to Caesar, claiming that He Himself is a KING! If you release Him, YOU are not a friend of CAESAR!” (Luke 23:2; John 19:12) But despite their lies and their futile attacks against us, they will NEVER be able to stop us, even if they KILL us! We’ll keep on going and keep on winning souls and prospering and multiplying until Jesus returns, because that’s God’s plan! In fact, our enemies could even KILL any one of us or even a LOT of us, and our work would STILL go on, because the LORD is our Leader and they can’t beat HIM no matter how hard they try! “If this work were of MAN, it would come to NOTHING! But if it be of GOD, then NO man is able to stand against it! Lest they be found to be fighting against GOD!” (Acts 5:38,39).

NO ONE can stop our work for the Lord, and we will keep on witnessing His Truth to the World’s BILLIONS, and winning and loving MILLIONS into His Heavenly Kingdom until HE HIMSELF finally stops us for our VICTORY CELEBRATION in HEAVEN when He returns! Hallelujah! (Revelation 19)

But until THEN, we’ll keep on fighting evil and “going into all the World, preaching the Good News of His Love to every creature!” Until the END! Praise the Lord! Are you fighting EVIL or GOOD? Or GOD! Beware!



Source: Why Persecution?



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Jesus?–Or Marx?

Which Will YOU Choose?!


Most people today have heard or read something about the horrific bloodbaths, “purges” and “liquidation of counter-revolutionaries” that took place in Russia and China when Communism first rose to power in those lands. If not, they probably have some knowledge of the more recent “Cultural Revolution” that devastated China in the 60s, or Pol Pot's maniacal massacre of one-third of the population of Kampuchea in the70s.

But despite the incredibly ruthless and monstrous MURDER of literally TENS OF MILLIONS of fellow human beings by Communist regimes, Communist IDEOLOGY continues to spread and lure new followers into the Red fold. The basis of all Communist theory and doctrine is found in the writings of its founding father, KARL MARX.

When encountering or considering Communist ideology, a fundamental question that arises for a Christian is: How do the teachings of MARX compare with those of JESUS? Are they compatible? A brief look at some of the basic beliefs of these two creeds, Christianity & Marxism, makes the answer evident:

Jesus said, “I am the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE! No man can come to the Father but by ME!” (John 14:6). He also said, “GOD’S WORD IS TRUTH, and the TRUTH shall make you FREE!” (John 17:17; 8:31,32).

In his “Communist Manifesto”, Marx boasted, “Communism ABOLISHES eternal truths! It ABOLISHES all RELIGION and all MORALITY!”

Here we have two very conflicting statements, and only ONE can be RIGHT. Has JESUS, Who claimed to be “the Truth”, been ABOLISHED by Communism? Or is the Word of God dead since the rise of Marxism? NO, of course not! Even behind the so-called “Iron Curtain” and “Bamboo Curtain”, literally MILLIONS of genuine Christians continue to THRIVE despite all that the Red regimes under which they live have done to try to suppress and eliminate them! JESUS and His TRUTH live on TODAY! While MARX is long DEAD and GONE to meet his fate in the fires of HELL!

The Bible says that JESUS is “the CORNERSTONE, the FOUNDATION Stone of His true Church, and whoever trusts in Him will never be put to shame!” (1Peter 2:6-8; 1Corinthi ans 3:11).

Marx wrote, “I HATE all GODS! The very IDEA of God is the KEYSTONE of a PERVERTED civilisation. It MUST be DESTROYED!” –

The “Keystone” which Marx despised and longed to destroy is Jesus Himself. And HE can NEVER be destroyed! In fact, according to the Bible, He will soon return to take over this World. His Second Coming was symbolically foreseen by one of the prophets as a great STONE falling from Heaven, that will SMITE the final One-World Red Regime that is now rising to power, “breaking it in pieces and destroying Man’s kingdoms as the God of Heaven sets up HIS Kingdom which shall NEVER be destroyed!” (Daniel 2:44,45).

Jesus promised genuine lasting HAPPINESS to all who would follow Him and His teachings, saying, “I have given you My WORDS so that My JOY might remain in you and that YOUR JOY might be FULL! For if ye know My teachings, you will be HAPPY if you DO them!” (John 15:11; 13:17).

Marx said just the opposite: “To achieve the REAL happiness of the people, it is necessary to ABOLISH the false RELIGIOUS one! The first step in this direction must be an ATTACK on RELIGION!”

This anti-God basis of Marxism explains why every Marxist regime that has ever come to power ultimately turns against the worshippers of God, resulting in the cruel and ruthless repression, imprisonment, torture and slaughter of literally TENS OF MILLIONS of innocent believers in God throughout the Communist World! People whose only crime was their refusal to renounce their faith in order to embrace so-called “Marxism”!

Without the LORD and His LOVE, there can be no “REAL happiness of the people” that Marx vainly theorised about. Besides, if COMMUNISM offers such “real happiness”, why then did the East Germans and the Russians find it necessary to build the infamous “BERLIN WALL” to imprison their people and keep them from fleeing to the so-called “decadent West”? And why have literally TENS OF THOUSANDS of pitiful “BOAT PEOPLE” desperately risked life and limb in order to FLEE their so-called “liberated” countries in Southeast Asia?

God’s Word says that, “The FOOL has said in his HEART, `There is NO GOD’!” (Psalm 14:1). Although Communism claims to hold no belief in God, and a lot of so-called atheists say with their MOUTH that “there is no God”, only an absolute IDIOT, an IMBECILE, a real FOOL, believes in his HEART that there is no Creator behind the great Universe in which we live!

Marx, who was no fool, knew that God was real, but he HATED Him, REBELLED against Him, and was determined to destroy His influence and power over people! Here are Marx’s own words: “I wish to AVENGE myself against the One Who rules above!”

In an unusually candid verse of rhyme, Marx wrote:

I know it full well.
My soul, once true to God,
I’ve chosen to HELL!”

Jesus said that God’s GREATEST commandment to Man is to, “LOVE GOD with all your heart, and to LOVE your NEIGHBOUR as yourself.” (Matthew 22:37-39). Marx and his followers proclaimed and practiced just the OPPOSITE!

A close friend and comrade of Marx, Matzini, wrote, “Karl Marx had a DESTRUCTIVE SPIRIT. His heart burst with HATRED rather than with love towards his fellow man!”

Marx’s dedicated disciple, Vladimir Lenin, the man who led Russia’s Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 and established the World’s first Marxist regime, held the same kind of hatred for God and faith as did his mentor, Marx. Lenin said, “RELIGION is the OPIUM of the people! A kind of spiritual GIN, in which the slaves of Capitalism drown their claim to any decent human life. ATHEISM is a NATURAL and INSEPARABLE part of MARXISM!”

Jesus lived and taught LOVE: “THIS is My commandment, that you LOVE one another! By THIS shall all men know that you are MY followers, if you have LOVE one for another!” (John 15:12; 13:35).

Lenin wrote, “WE must HATE! HATRED is the BASIS of COMMUNISM! Children must be taught to HATE their parents if they are CHRISTIANS!”

The Bible tells us that, “GOD is LOVE”, and that “to know Jesus Christ, Whom God has sent, is ETERNAL LIFE.” (1John 4:8; John 17:3). To the believer, the greatest, most wonderful experience we can have is to find and know the Lord and His Love, and to share His wonderful Love and Gift of Salvation with others.

But Lenin tells us, “EVERY religious idea, every FLIRTATION even with the IDEA of God, is UNSPEAKABLE VILENESS! Any person who even TOLERATES the IDEA of God DEGRADES himself in the WORST possible fashion!” Which again explains why every “dictatorship of the proletariat” throughout the World SUPPRESSES and PERSECUTES true Christians! The perverted, hateful and anti-God founding fathers of Communism taught their followers to view even the IDEA of God’s Love and the hope of Eternal Life as “UNUTTERABLE VILENESS”!

Although many Communists today may SAY that they are liberal-minded, and now take a more charitable, “enlightened” and tolerant view of Christianity, their actions have repeatedly proved them to be as anti-Christ as ever! Harlan Popov, a renowned pastor who spent 13 years in concentration camps in Bulgaria rather than renounce Christ to the godless authorities, warned in his book, “Tortured for His Faith”:

“The Communists when OUT of power purposely seem CONGENIAL, COOPERATIVE and MILD. But let them come to power and their TRUE nature will be revealed! The prisons of Eastern Europe were FULL of men who thought the Communists were just ‘another political party’ and tolerated them, and were subsequently imprisoned and executed. Let the World BEWARE!”

The former leader of the Soviet Union, Nikita Khrushchev, said, “If anyone believes our SMILES involve ABANDONMENT of the teachings of Marx, Engels and Lenin, he DECEIVES himself. Those who wait for that must wait until a shrimp learns to whistle!”

No less than POPE PIUS XI warned, “The Communists frequently encourage the FALSE belief that Communism, in countries where faith and culture are more strongly entrenched, will assume a much MILDER form when it comes to power, that it will not interfere with the practice of religion, that it will respect liberty of conscience.

“See to it, Brethren, that the faithful do NOT allow themselves to be DECEIVED! Communism is intrinsically WRONG, and NO ONE who would save CHRISTIAN civilisation may collaborate with it in ANY undertaking WHATSOEVER! Those who permit themselves to be deceived into lending their aid toward the triumph of Communism will be the FIRST to fall VICTIMS of their error!”

The glaring contradictions between true CHRISTIANITY and the atheism of anti-God COMMUNISM are so apparent, that any thinking person must wonder how a sincere Christian could possibly TOLERATE–much less openly SUPPORT–such an anti-Christ and godless System! The Bible tells us, “Have NO FELLOWSHIP with the UNFRUITFUL works of DARKNESS, but rather EXPOSE them!” (Ephesians 5:11).

“CHOOSE this day whom YOU will serve! If the LORD be GOD, then serve HIM! If BAAL (Satan and anti-God Communism) be your god, then serve HIM! As for ME and MY house, WE shall serve the LORD!” (Joshua 24:15; 1Kings 18:21).

How about YOU?!



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Does God Care About the Work We Do? – Bonnie Wurzbacher


The Two Religions


A certain Christian used to spend much of his time witnessing about Jesus on the streets of the California city where he lived. Time and again he was asked the same question: “How can you say that you have the truth? There are hundreds and hundreds of religions, and all of them think that theirs is the only right one. Who’s to say which of them is the right one?”

And the Christian would answer, “Hundreds of religions, you say? That’s strange! I’ve heard of only two.”

“Oh, but you must know that there are many more than that!” his listeners would retort.

“Not so,” he would reply. “I will admit that within these two religions there are many different sects and differences of opinion, but there are, after all, only two. One religion consists of all faiths that believe that they can earn their own salvation by doing good deeds and keeping various religious laws and commandments. This, you realize, comprises most of the faiths of the world. The other religion consists of those who know they are incapable of saving themselves, and look to God alone to save them.

“So you see,” the Christian went on, “the whole question is really very simple. Do you think you can save yourself or somehow earn your salvation by being good?—Or do you realize that you need a Savior to rescue you from your sins and shortcomings? If you know you need help from above to make it, then Jesus is for you!”


* * *

“For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast” (Ephesians 2:8-9).


“Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us, through the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Spirit” (Titus 3:5).


Now there was about this time Jesus, a wise man, if it be lawful to call him a man, for he was a doer of wonderful works—a teacher of such men as receive truth with pleasure. He drew over to him both many of the Jews and many of the Gentiles. He was (the) Christ; and when Pilate, at the suggestion of the principal men amongst us had condemned him to the cross, those that loved him at the first did not forsake him, for he appeared to them alive again the third day, as the divine prophets had foretold these and ten thousand other wonderful things concerning him; and the tribe of Christians, so named after him, are not extinct at this day.
—Flavius Josephus, Jewish historian and general


“There’s nothing to Christianity,” a skeptic once commented to the French statesman and diplomat Talleyrand (1754-1838), who was also bishop of Autun. “It would be easy to start a religion like that.”

“Oh, yes,” Talleyrand replied. “One would only have to get crucified and rise again the third day.”


Socrates taught for forty years, Plato for fifty, Aristotle for forty, and Jesus for only three. Yet the influence of Christ’s three-year ministry infinitely transcends the impact left by the combined 130 years of teaching from these men who were among the greatest philosophers of all antiquity.

Jesus painted no pictures; yet, some of the finest paintings of Raphael, Michelangelo, and Leonardo da Vinci received their inspiration from Him.

Jesus wrote no poetry; but Dante, Milton, and scores of the world’s greatest poets were inspired by Him.

Jesus composed no music; still, Haydn, Handel, Bach, and Mendelssohn reached their highest perfection of melody in the hymns, symphonies, and oratorios they composed in His praise.

Every sphere of human greatness has been enriched by this humble carpenter from Nazareth.
—Author unknown


Let’s not just remember Jesus’ death on the cross and the suffering He went through. We don’t have a Jesus on the cross; He’s left the cross! We have a bare cross! “O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?” (1 Corinthians 15:55 KJV). We don’t have a Christ in the grave! We have a live Jesus in our hearts! He rose in victory, joy, liberty, and freedom, never to die again, so that He could redeem us as well.
—David Brandt Berg



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“Love God…& love thy neighbour as thyself!…On these two commandments hang ALL the Law & the Prophets!” (Mat.22:37-40) That’s all the laws of the whole Bible put together–LOVE! If you…

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