10 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. ziod

    Dear ones… I might have heard about this site before but coming here has been a blessing. I’ve been in the Family for 40 years and am just so glad to see all these things and the info they bring on one site. I’m in Houston and am setting up a International Soul Clinic website and would like to use some of the classes and materials you have on the site, if it is ok? I’ve been trying to set some of them up but, as you have already formatted and edited them, do you mind if I use some of them? I won’t take the ‘credits’ off.
    Has anyone done something similar in Spanish? Many of our friends and sheep are Latinos and would love this stuff too. The Videos are powerful! I’ve been up all evening on it. Good Job!
    Btw, this is David (of Claire)
    Love and prayers..
    David.. 🙂


    1. frederickolson Post author

      Thank you David… we’re glad this site is being a blessing to some… by all means use the materials here and spread the word (about the site) around too if you want… God bless you!



    1. frederickolson Post author

      Hi Olga,
      I feel honored but I am not really a writer… as you can see my posts are all RE-posts… none of them are originally mine. But thanks anyway. God bless 🙂


  2. Colin Cassidy

    inspiring what your involved with here .I am trying to send you an- mail but the process seems a bit complicated involving incoming Mail servers etc .Do you have a regular way of making contact ?



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