Below you can download the complete sets of classes and courses. This way you can study them in your computer without having to go online. All the classes and courses are packed into zip files. Most operating systems have a built-in archiver, so just right-click the downloaded zip file and extract the classes to a folder in your computer. Click the links below to download the complete sets of classes and courses. You can also right-click the links and choose "Save Link As..."


12 Foundation Stones Course


12 Foundation Stones Study Notes


Supplementary Reading


Activated Basic Course


Key Bible Verses



All the classes, study notes and supplementary reading are PDF files. To read them you will need a PDF reader. You can download Adobe reader for free.

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For advanced users or if you use another operating system that is not included in the above link, you can go to the Adobe ftp site to download your version of Adobe reader.

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