Macroevolution vs. Microevolution

Does biological evolution exist? The surprising answer is yes! However, the type of evolution that is evident is not the evolution that is so commonly taught as fact today.
There are two categories of evolution: One is called microevolution and the other macroevolution. Microevolution happens within species, when small adaptations either take place to accommodate environment or are brought about by breeding. Macroevolution is the idea that one species evolves into another, the commonly understood theory of evolution. This second type of evolution has never been observed to occur.
An example of microevolution is seen in the many different breeds of dogs. The range is expansive, from the miniature chihuahua to the huge Saint Bernard, with every imaginable size and shape in between. However, one thing is certain: They are all dogs. There is no instance where a dog has evolved into a cat or a horse or any other species. The reason for this lies in the internal DNA information of the dog.

We are learning more about DNA and the information stored in the genomes of species. Although there is no biological process whereby more information can be added, some of that information can be lost. For macroevolution to work and one species to become another, information has to be added, which as already stated is impossible by any known biological means. However, in microevolution information is actually being lost. When an animal adapts to its environment, the information on how to adapt was actually in the animal’s DNA to start with. But in the process of this adaptation it is losing information about how to revert back to its original state.

[Callout:] Microevolution occurs but is the direct opposite process described by the theory of evolution.

This can be observed in dogs. All dogs at present on the earth come from the same ancestral couple that climbed down out of Noah’s Ark some 4,300 years ago. Within those ancestors lay the information to give rise to the multitudes of breeds today. However, take any breed of dog-collie, basset hound, German shepherd, and so on-and you will not be able to revert back to the original by selective breeding to what those two ancestors looked like. That is because as dogs bred into the various breeds, they lost information vital to reversing the process. The original and more complex information store has been simplified by the discarding of some of that information each time microevolution occurred.
Evolutionists claim that microevolution (adaptations within species) is proof of macroevolution, but this is untrue. In reality, the microevolutionary process is just the opposite of the process that evolutionists claim drives macroevolution.



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