Evolutionists believe that the steppingstones of evolution are mutants. A mutant by definition is a specimen that has mutated, so that a gene or chromosome is different in the mutant than in its parent(s). The belief is that beneficial changes have occurred in mutants and then that has been passed on to the mutant’s offspring.
The first barrier against mutations producing new traits is the law of probability. Mutations (which are actually errors in copying the genetic code) are rare-estimated at one in ten million. However, the real mathematical problem arises when you need a series of related genetic mutations. Each additional series is multiplied by the probability of one mutation. Four related mutations has a probability of 10 to the 28th power, which is virtually a probability of zero. A great many more than four related beneficial mutations would be needed to change one species into another. On a mathematical basis, the probability of evolution occurring by mutations within the gene pool is zero.

[Callout:] Mutations are overwhelmingly devastating and not beneficial as evolution requires.

Furthermore, of the approximately 4,500 genetic diseases in humans associated with genetic mutations, not one of these genetic mutations has been shown to have any beneficial effect. If even by chance one of them did, the chance of the one surviving and flourishing against the other 4,499 is negligible. It is currently estimated that the average apparently healthy individual carries five to eight mutations capable of causing serious disease if paired with other defective genes. We have two copies of most genes, which act as backups for each other. If one gene is defective, the backup takes over, so that most mutations or defects go unnoticed.
What this shows is that mutations are so overwhelmingly negative that any positive evolutionary advance through the process of mutation is for all intents and purposes impossible. In fact, the opposite is true. Given time, the human race would become so prone to genetic illness because of mutations that it would die out.(David A. Derrick, M.D, “The Blind Gunman” Vital Articles on Science/Creation, February 1999)



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