Other Processes

Fossil formation, the transformation of wood to coal, and petrifaction (the transformation of matter into stone), are processes that were believed to have taken millions and perhaps billions of years. However, they have since been shown to occur quite quickly. A petrified bowler hat sits in a mining museum in New Zealand. ([Footnote:] A bowler hat was buried in the volcanic eruption of Te Wairoa village (North Island, New Zealand) on June 10, 1886. It was discovered 20 years later, and was found to have turned to stone. A leg of ham had also been petrified after being buried in the same catastrophe. Creation Ex Nihilo, Vol. 8, No. 3, p. 10, 1986) The Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona is claimed by evolutionists to be older than 225 million years. It is obvious that bowler hats were not around then. In fact, we know the bowler hat was petrified only a little over a hundred years ago. So if this and other items in the same catastrophe can be petrified only recently, why does the Petrified Forest have to be dated as over 225 million years old?



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