Theistic Evolution

Not everyone who believes in evolution is an atheist. Some Christians reason that the book of Genesis-said to have been authored by Moses or compiled under his direction-was originally written for a primitive people. So instead of confusing them with a lot of scientific explanations that they wouldn’t understand, God kept it simple with this charming little Creation fable. Let’s examine that supposition in context.
Moses led the Hebrews in their exodus from the bondage of Egypt. At the time of Moses, Egypt had already been a flourishing civilization for centuries. It built, among other things, the famous pyramids-marvels of engineering that many structural engineers claim could not be built with the same precision today. The Egyptians were not ignorant, nor were the Hebrews who had lived in Egypt for 400 years, much of that time as a favored guest nation.
There was no reason for God to have handed Moses and the Hebrews a line with regards to the beginning of all things. If all of this had evolved over billions of years, He could have said so. But He didn’t. And the reason He didn’t is because it didn’t happen that way. God had His reasons for making the world, and the main one was for it to be a proving ground for humankind to prepare us to be His companions in the infinitely better world He has made as our ultimate home.
Nevertheless, ever since the theory of evolution became popular, there have been attempts to harmon­ize the biblical account of Creation with evolution-what is known as “theistic evolution.” In short, theistic evolution holds that God used the evolutionary process to bring about creation. The two most common theories of theistic evolution are the Gap Theory and the Day-Age Theory.



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