God Online

A Mountain Streams book
David Brandt Berg



The editor would like to thank Phillip Sherwood, Michael Roy, and Reuben Rushevsky for their assistance in the compiling and editing of this book.

Unless otherwise indicated, all Bible quotations in this booklet are from the New King James Version ©1982 Thomas Nelson, Inc.

Scriptures marked KJV are from the King James Version (Authorized Version).
Scriptures marked NIV are from the New International Version, ©1973 International Bible Society.

Edited by Keith Phillips



Stop! … Look! … Listen!

Diamonds of Dust


Prayer Power

Feet of Faith

The Operator

Desperate Prayer

Seven Ways to Find God’s Will


Temple Time



God isn’t far away in some cosmic somewhere—and He’s never too busy for you. He’s right there with you, He’s watching, and He’s just waiting to help solve your every problem and meet your every need. He’s a loving, personable God who wants to have a loving, personal relationship with you. And like any happy, successful, and mutually satisfying relationship, He wants it to be built on loving two-way communication. He’s just waiting for you to connect with Him.

How to establish and maintain that connection are the central themes of God Online, ten articles by David Brandt Berg that are sure to inform, inspire, and point the way to God’s never-ending, all-encompassing, and unconditional love—the only thing that can truly satisfy your deepest longing, transform your life, and provide a rock-solid foundation for your faith.

God Online will appeal to readers of all ages and backgrounds—those who are looking for a way to connect with God, as well as those who want to strengthen their connection and learn more about God’s love and ways.

Why struggle through life on your own when you can have God’s help? He says, “Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know” (Jeremiah 33:3).

The Editor






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