1. Vodka is colourless, odourless, tasteless, & too much of it leaves you senseless.

  2. I have four good reasons for being an abstainer–my head is clearer, my health is better, my heart is lighter & my purse is heavier.

  3. Nothing can hold liquor as well as a bottle–so why not leave it there?

  4. A “hangover” is something that afflicts the head you neglected to use last night.

  5. If you drink like a fish, swim. Don’t drive.

  6. Vision is definitely affected by glasses, especially after they’ve been filled & emptied several times.

  7. A hangover is the moaning after the night before.

  8. I do not think that I should drink. For when I drink, I do not think.

  9. Some men–battle to the top; Others–bottle to the bottom.

  10. Wine is a turncoat; first a friend, & then an enemy. –Fielding

  11. Don’t try to drown your sorrow in alcohol because sorrow is an expert swimmer.

  12. In ten years 46,000 Americans died in Vietnam. During that same time 250,000 persons were killed in the U.S. by drunk drivers.

  13. I think it was Jerry McAuley who said that a major part of the alcoholic problem of the skid-rows of the World would be solved by putting a drinking fountain on every corner! A lot of it is just plain simple thirst. ‘Cause where are they going to get a drink free, a glass of water free? You don’t just walk into a bar & ask for a free glass of water. They’re in the business for money so they have to ask for a drink of something else & maybe water with it.


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