1. An Anglican clergyman has suggested suitable hymns for drivers who have the urge to speed:
    At 75 miles an hour: “Nearer, My God, to Thee.”
    At 85 miles an hour: “When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder, I’ll Be There.”
    At 95 miles an hour: “Lord, I’m Coming Home.”

  2. A tree is something that will stand by the side of the road for fifty years and then suddenly jump in front of a woman driver.

  3. Drive with care. Life has no spare.

  4. Most accidents are caused by motorists who drive in high while their minds are in neutral.

  5. If you think a seat belt is uncomfortable, you’ve never tried a stretcher!

  6. An automobile can help you see the world, but it’s up to you to decide which world!

  7. A reckless driver is seldom reckless for very long.

  8. Many people drive their automobile as if they were rehearsing for an accident.

  9. Every year thousands of American motorists discover that their car lasted them a lifetime.

  10. A telephone pole never hit an automobile except in self-defense.

  11. Sleeping at the wheel is a good way to keep from growing old.

  12. You should drive your car as if your family was in the car.

  13. Drive carefully! Motorists can be recalled by their Maker.

  14. Shrink your speed & stretch your life.

  15. Safe driving will keep your car out of the junkyard & your body out of the graveyard.

  16. It is simply remarkable how the apostle Paul covered so much territory & accomplished so much without a car.

  17. Drive sensibly. The chance-taker is the accident-maker.

  18. Daydreams at the steering wheel lead to nightmares in the hospital.

  19. A driver is safest when the roads are dry but the road is safest when the driver is dry.

  20. It takes thousands of nuts to construct an automobile, but only one nut to scatter it all over the road.

  21. Caution is one automobile accessory you can’t buy.

  22. A railroad crossing is a place where it’s better to be dead-sure than sure-dead.

  23. It is better to be careful a thousand times than killed once.


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