Paper Power

  1. Literature is the immortality of speech.
  2. If I might control the literature of the household, I would guarantee the well-being of the church & state.–Francis Bacon

  3. Oh! nature’s noblest gift–my grey goose quill:
    Slave of my thoughts, obedient to my will.
    Torn from thy parent bird to form a pen.
    That mighty instrument of little men!

  4. Perhaps no one has changed the course of history as much as the historian.

  5. Wendell Phillips once addressed an abolitionist meeting in Boston where the audience was hostile to him. They yelled and sang and completely drowned his voice. The reporters were seated in a row just under the platform. Phillips made no attempt to address the howling audience, but bent over and seemed to be speaking in a low tone to the reporters. By and by the curiosity of the audience was excited; they ceased to clamor and tried to hear what he was saying to the reporters. Phillips looked at them coldly and said: “Go on, gentlemen, go on. I do not need your ears. Through these pencils I speak to thirty million people.”

  6. A drop of ink may make a million think.

  7. Is not every able Editor a Ruler of the World, being a persuader of it?–Carlyle, French Revolution.

  8. I fear three hostile newspapers more than a hundred thousand bayonets.–Napoleon.

  9. The printed page never flinches, never shows cowardice; it is never tempted to compromise; it never tires, never grows disheartened; it travels cheaply, & requires no hired hall; it works while we sleep; it never loses its temper; & it works long after we are dead. The printed page is a visitor which gets inside the home & stay there; it always catches a man in the right mood, for it speaks to him only when he is reading it; it always sticks to what it has said, & never answers back; & it is bait left permanently in the pool.

  10. The anti-God communists are waging an effective war of words. The righteous forces of God must do the same. The written word, especially the Word of God, is more powerful than the sword!

  11. Years ago two travelling men, strangers to each other, shared a room in a crowded hotel in Boscobel, Wisconsin, for a night. One asked the other if he objected to keeping the light on a little longer, while he read his Bible. The other said he would be glad if his roommate would read aloud.
    Out of this meeting between J.H. Nicholson & S.E. Hill came the idea for The Society of Gideons. The organisation has placed copies of the Bible in hotel rooms, on school desks, beside hospital cots, & in prison cells all over the World.

  12. Soft words in a lullaby will put a babe to sleep. Excited words will stir a mob to violence. Eloquent words will send armies marching into the face of death. Encouraging words will fan to flame the genius of a Rembrandt or a Lincoln. Powerful words will mold the public mind as the sculptor molds his clay. Words are a dynamic force.
    Words are the swords we use in our battle for success & happiness. How others react toward us depends, in a large measure, upon the words we speak to them. Life is a great whispering gallery that sends back echoes of the words we send out! Our words are immortal, too. They go marching through the years in the lives of all those with whom we come in contact.
    When you speak, when you write, remember the creative power of words.





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