1. Two painters each painted a picture to illustrate his concept of peace. The first chose for his scene a still, lone lake among far-off mountains. The second draw on his canvas a thundering waterfall, with a fragile birch tree bending over the foam; at the fork of a branch, almost wet with the cataract’s spray, a robin sat on its nest, cheerfully singing.
  2. Peace & comfort can be found nowhere but in simple obedience.

  3. The peace of the soul consists in an absolute resignation to the will of God.

  4. Peace is not real peace until it has been tested in the storm.

  5. You will never find peace & happiness until you are ready to commit yourself to something worth dying for.–Jean Paul Sartre

  6. The seeming peace a sinner has is not from the knowledge of his happiness but the ignorance of his danger.

  7. Peace comes not from the absence of trouble, but from the presence of God.

  8. There will be no universal peace till the Prince of Peace appears.

  9. To walk when others are running;
    To whisper when others are shouting;
    To smile when others are angry;
    To pause when others are hurrying;
    To pray when others are doubting; To know inner calm in spite of everything
    THIS is serenity.

  10. Peace is not made at the council tables, or by treaties, but in the hearts of men.–Herbert Hoover

  11. Peace rules the day, when Christ rules the mind.

  12. The peace of God passeth all understanding & misunderstanding.

  13. If we have not quiet in our minds, outward comfort will do no more for us than a golden slipper on a gouty foot.–John Bunyan

  14. Peace is the smile of God reflected in the soul of the believer.

  15. Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the presence of God no matter what the conflict.

  16. Real integrity will survive the worst of blood baths, but no peace, however placid, will suffice to preserve a decaying & spiritually depraved World.

  17. Stayed upon Jehovah
    Hearts are fully blest,
    Finding, as He promised,
    Perfect peace & rest.
    –Francis Ridley Havergal

  18. What peace can they have who are not at peace with God?

  19. All men desire peace, but very few desire those things that make for peace.–Thomas a Kempis

  20. Rest is not a hallowed feeling that comes over us in church; it is the repose of a heart set deep in God.

  21. I hear the Words of Love,
    I gaze upon the blood,
    I see the mighty sacrifice,
    And I have peace with God.
    –Horatius Bonar

  22. It is the religion of Jesus alone that can bring peace to a man.–Francois Fenelon

  23. Peace if possible, but truth at any rate.–Martin Luther





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