A five-booklet series with great tips for any parent or teacher
Practical and spiritual guidance to help you help your children become all they can be

The Keys to Parenting series unlocks the doors to understanding children and the mysteries of childcare. Anyone and everyone who has anything to do with children or young people should avail themselves of this counsel.
When you were a child, chances are you thought you knew what a parent should be like and do. Now that you’re a parent, you understand that it’s not that simple. Learning to be a good parent takes time, determination, understanding, experience, laughter and tears, prayer and patience, and above all love.
How do you teach a child right and wrong? What is the balance between giving freedom and setting limits? When do children need praise and encouragement, and when do they need loving correction? Keys to Kids gives practical advice to help you tackle these tough issues, and will draw you and your family closer to the One who has all the answers.



Keys to Baby is packed with practical and spiritual tips to help assure a joyful beginning for mother, baby, and your whole family.

Keys to Toddlers and Preschoolers: Learn how to harness the energy of your pint-size hurricane to make the most of these crucial early years of rapid learning and development.

Keys to Kids: Good parenting isn’t always easy, but the rewards are both immediate and eternal. As you help your child discover the right road in life, your own path will become easier and brighter.

Parenteening: “Heaven help us!” is no longer just a parent’s plea–it’s a reality. This booklet provides simple answers received straight from Heaven–answers to specific questions about how to raise teenagers.

Power for Parenthood: Learn how to raise your child in love, well anchored on a firm foundation of faith that will see him  and you through life’s storms.




Copyright © Aurora Production SA. Reprinted by permission.
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