Most of these are adapted from or based on Bible verses. See here for details on how to use these with your baby.

All things were made by God.
Angels watch over me.
Ask and you will receive.
Be a friend.
Be a good example.
Be a happy helper.
Be faithful.
Be kind.
Be patient.
Be so happy.
Be thankful.
Everybody needs love.
God is love.
God loves a cheerful giver.
God’s Word is truth.
Jesus answers prayer.
Jesus bless Mommy and Daddy.
Jesus heals me.
Jesus is always with me.
Jesus loves me.
Jesus loves praise.
Jesus loves the little children.
Jesus takes care of me.
Jesus talks to me.
Jesus, come into my heart.
Jesus lives in my heart.
Jesus, You’re tops!
Keep clean and tidy.
Love never fails.
Love one another.
Praise is the victory.
Praise no matter what’s happening.
Pray always.
Prayer is powerful!
Say please and thank you.
Thank You, Jesus, for everything!
The Lord is my Shepherd.
The right thing is to obey.
Trust and obey!
We have a happy God!







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