A Keys to Parenting book
Compiled and edited by Derek and Michelle Brookes


Heaven’s answers to questions parents Ask about their teens

Through the ages, parents have shared a common bond: the great love and concern they have for their children. They want to see them learn, grow and be well cared for. They want them to be healthy, happy and successful. Yet so often, life’s problems have blocked the way or made the task of parenting more difficult. Parents have had to learn how to cope with every difficulty, both inside and outside the home, from devastating losses and hardships to breakdowns in their marriages. They had to try to find solutions to each new set of problems, and survive and help their children make it. Often in their most desperate hour of need, the darkest hour, when things seemed totally impossible, when there seemed to be no solution and no way out, many looked to Heaven for help. They looked to God for answers when they had no answers. And they were not disappointed. He was there-ready, waiting, reaching out for them with His loving arms, embracing them as their own Heavenly Father, watching, protecting, always ready to answer, always ready to help.
In these difficult times in which we live, He is still there, He is still waiting. Many parents are discovering that they, too, can take their most difficult questions directly to God. They can appeal to Heaven for answers. They can find solutions, right now. It may seem pretty “way out there,” almost ridiculous to some, but amazing things are happening! People are calling out to God and are discovering that He is close at hand and always ready to answer our questions, because of His great love for us, and His desire to see us happy.
So if you feel like you’re in the dark, weighed down by heavy burdens, and no one on earth seems to have any answers, don’t give up! There’s still hope. You, too, can get the answers to your problems straight from the halls of Heaven. Help is there. It’s available and within reach. It’s within your reach right now.
We offer this book as an example of some of the answers that parents-men and women just like you-received as they looked to Heaven for help in meditative moments of prayer. We have presented each parent’s main concern in question form, followed by the remarkable answer each one received while quietly reflecting and waiting for an answer. They recorded whatever words, ideas or thoughts began to flow into their minds in these moments. In most of the cases in this book, the instructions came like an inner voice from God speaking to their hearts. The “I” (or “Me,” when capitalized) seems in many cases to be either Jesus or God giving the person direct counsel. (You can hear from God personally too! If you would like to find out how, order Hearing from Heaven from the Get Activated! series.)









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