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Start Early: A set of 40 brightly colored posters for young children,  with simple quotes emphasizing basic Christian principles.

Stories to Grow By: A lively, colorful, fully illustrated series of storybooks for children ages 2-10, presenting godly morals in a fun and entertaining way.

Jesus and Me: A series of three books with short, lively devotionals, as coming from Jesus personally, that teach young children about Jesus and His love and care for them.

Praisin’ U: A series of three books for children of various ages containing highly illustrated expressions of thankfulness to God.

Feed My Lambs: A series of six books with 90 illustrated and simplified Bible verses for children to memorize.

Great Adventures: Two sixty-minute CDs of favorite Bible stories-engaging narrative and lively songs.

Kiddie Viddie: A series of five half-hour MTV-style behavior-enhancing videos for children ages 6 months to 4 years.

Treasure Attic®: An educational entertainment video series for children ages 2-7. Lively songs and stories make learning fun!

Interactive Attic Fun: An activity-filled multimedia CD-Rom based on the Treasure Attic® video series. For children up to 8 years old.

Raising kids right in a rough world isn’t easy, but it can be done! From tiny tots to teens, the Keys to Parenting series unlocks the secrets of successful parenting. These booklets are packed with scores of fun, enriching, skill-building activities for children, plus plenty of practical and spiritual guidance for parents. Learn to encourage, inspire, counsel, correct, and enjoy your children, and help them to become all they can be!
Get the entire Keys to Parenting series for yourself or your friends!

Keys to Baby is packed with practical and spiritual tips to help assure a joyful beginning for mother, baby, and your whole family.
Keys to Toddlers and Preschoolers: Learn how to harness the energy of your pint-size hurricane to make the most of these crucial early years of rapid learning and development.
Keys to Kids: Good parenting isn’t always easy, but the rewards are both immediate and eternal. As you help your child discover the right road in life, your own path will become easier and brighter.
Parenteening: “Heaven help us!” is no longer just a parent’s plea-it’s a reality. This booklet provides simple answers received straight from Heaven-answers to specific questions about how to raise teenagers.
Power for Parenthood: Learn how to raise your child in love, well anchored on a firm foundation of faith that will see him  and you through life’s storms.

The Keys to Parenting series unlocks the doors to understanding children and the mysteries of childcare. Anyone and everyone who has anything to do with children or young people should avail themselves of this counsel.

About the Authors
Derek and Michelle Brookes are professional educators and writers, who have been happily married and working together for 28 years. After several years as successful teachers, they have spent the last two decades as Christian educators and educational consultants. Their lifelong ambition to provide quality care and education to all children has taken them to nearly every continent, and brought practical help and encouragement to many who face the great responsibility of caring for children.

[Back cover blurb:] Few of us are as prepared for the all-important job of parenting as we wish we were. Parenting begins with the arrival of your first baby and instantly gets more complicated. What can you do? Where can you turn for the answers, reassurance, encouragement, love, strength, and courage you need?
Good news: God is more than happy to take on the task. He is eager to be your parenting partner. Learn how to power up your mind and spirit by plugging into Him and His vast power supply. Power for Parenthood can’t give you all the answers, but it will show you how to make contact with the One who can!





Copyright © Aurora Production SA. Reprinted by permission.
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