One day before long, your children will be grown and gone. You’ll be thankful then that you gave them what they needed when they were growing up. It wasn’t easy, you sacrificed a lot, but it was worth it! Joy, a missionary and mother of a large family, put it this way:

I’m looking at motherhood from another perspective now. I am beyond the initial years of diaper changing and midnight feeds, past potty time and a hundred scraped knees. I’m a grandma and a mommy rolled into one. My youngest children are still with me, but my eldest are married and have begun having children of their own. One blessed thought I want to share with younger parents as they face what looks like an insurmountable mountain of parenting is simply this: It’s worth it all!
I get a wonderful feeling looking at my children who are now young adults, because I see how the Lord has worked in their lives. It gives me peace and a fresh vision for the little ones still in my arms. I had the precious privilege of hearing my older children dedicating their lives to the Lord at a youth meeting. It was a moment that is generally reserved for Heaven. That made me realize that my rewards will not be limited to the little I have accomplished for the Lord, but that I will also be blessed for all that my children go on to do for Him.
So during those hours in the night while you are keeping watch over a sick child, smiling when you want to cry, singing as you pray for patience, wiping little noses while you dream of someday doing great things for God, just remember that you are. You will never regret one prayer, one song, one loving word. Each small act of love reaches out to them and touches them for eternity. After all the years of taking it all by faith, someday you-like me-will be blessed at seeing what they have become.





PDF: http://freebiblestudiesonline.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/FreeBibleStudiesOnline_KeysToParenting_PowerForParenthood_en.pdf


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