Creative Power

Love is not blind; it has an extra spiritual eye that sees the good and possibilities that others cannot see. Love has creative power, because God is love and He is the Creator—and with His help, our faith can also create.—D.B.B.


Second chances

Love and trust go hand in hand. When we feel trusted, we feel loved. We all appreciate being on the receiving end, but it’s often hard to be the one to trust, especially when we’re really not sure the other person will come through. Love tells us to take the gamble. Take, for example, the following true story:

Thomas Edison had his share of disappointments and setbacks on his way to inventing the light bulb but he refused to look at them as failures. “I haven’t failed,” he told someone midway in his experiments. “Those were steps on the way. In each attempt, I was successful in finding a way not to create a light bulb. I have discovered more than 200 things that will not work. I will soon find one that will.”

Edison also understood that others needed to be trusted and given the same chance to keep trying, in order that they also might someday succeed.

At one point in his experiments, Edison had at last produced a working bulb—the final result of hundreds of trials. It was the first electric light bulb that had ever been made, and Edison was full of pride and delight. He had dreamed of this moment for years.

“Take it upstairs, Jimmy,” he said, handing it to his assistant, Jimmy Price.

Suddenly there was a crash, and Edison turned to see the precious bulb lying in fragments on the floor. Jimmy had let it slip through his fingers.

Edison said nothing. He simply went back to his workbench and began the painstaking, days-long process of making another bulb. At last the second bulb was finished.

Then Edison did a very big thing. With a smile, he handed the new bulb to Jimmy. “Careful now,” he said. He was giving the young man another chance.—Retold by K.P.


Love is a great beautifier.—Louisa May Alcott


Treat a man as if he already were what he potentially could be, and you make him what he should be.—Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


You build me up

No one has as much influence on me
Or lifts my thoughts and moods as much
As you do.
How much you build me up!

You praise, you encourage,
You cheer, you applaud,
You smile, you appreciate,
You hug, you exalt,
You compliment, you admire.

No one has as much influence on me
Or lifts my thoughts and moods as much
As you do.
How much you build me up!

You honor, you commend,
You approve, you affirm,
You congratulate, you love,
You sympathize, you attest,
You shout for joy.

No one has as much influence on me
Or lifts my thoughts and moods as much
As you do.
How much you build me up!

Author unknown


Tell him he’s wonderful and he’ll be wonderful. Tell her she’s beautiful and she’ll be beautiful.—D.B.B.






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