Your Personal Story

Recounting your own experience is one of the most persuasive arguments you can give, because when you tell others how you found Jesus and what a difference He has made in your life, they’ve either got to say, “I don’t believe you,” or, “It must be true, because you say so.”
The apostle Paul was a tremendous witness, and when he was brought before governors or magistrates or kings to answer the accusations of those who opposed him and his message, he took the opportunity to try to win them to Jesus-and he started with his own personal testimony: “This is what happened to me!”
Some people won’t listen to anything else. They don’t want to hear you read or quote from the Bible. You could use all the finest rhetoric and offer every erudite answer and explanation you think they might need, and still they wouldn’t listen. But when you start telling them your own personal experience in the matter, instantly you have their attention.
People are interested in people. Everybody loves a story, and nine times out of ten, if you say it with sincerity in the power of the Holy Spirit, they will believe that you’re telling the truth. Your own testimony is one thing they cannot deny. And the moment they acknowledge that it happened to you, then they have to admit that it’s possible for it to happen to them. If it happened once, it can happen again. Once they admit that possibility, there’s a spark of faith. If they believe you, they can believe in God.
The best advertisement is a satisfied customer. You’re the proof of the pudding. You are a product of the Gospel. Tell others how His love has transformed your own life and let them see your own happiness, and they will want what makes you that way.






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