The Good News Goes Global

“And this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the End come” (Matthew 24:14).

UNLIKE THE RISE in wars, famine, plagues, earthquakes, etc., Jesus said that this particular sign was not merely something to indicate “the beginning of sorrows,” but was a specific sign that would indicate when the actual End – Christ’s Second Coming – would be upon the world.
According to The Almanac of the Christian World, Christians and Christian churches now exist in every country of the world. The Gospel has been preached to over 4 billion people in these countries. Over 50 million Bibles are distributed every year, as well as nearly 80 million New Testaments. Four billion Gospel tracts are also printed each year.
The entire Bible or parts thereof are now available to about 98 percent of the world’s population, having been translated partially or entirely into some 2,092 different languages.
Other Christian books are also proliferating, with some 3 billion being printed every year by 1,500 presses and publishers. The Gospel is also preached from 2,160 Christian radio and television stations, and religious shows are carried on many more thousands of secular stations.
Never in the course of history has the Gospel been preached in all the world to all nations as it is right now. – If not directly by missionaries, it is certainly being preached by the modern mediums of radio, television, and telecommunications. This is a conclusive prophecy by Jesus that shows that you and I are now living in the time of the end!



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