More Like Jesus

A Mountain Streams Book
David Brandt Berg



The editor would like to thank Phillip Sherwood, Michael Roy, and Reuben Rushevsky for their assistance in the compiling and editing of this book.

Unless otherwise indicated, all Bible quotations in this booklet are from the New King James Version, © 1982 Thomas Nelson, Inc.

Scriptures marked KJV are from the King James Version (Authorized Version).

Edited by Keith Phillips



Flesh or Spirit?

Hallelujah for Happiness!

Be So Happy!


Squeeze!–Don’t Jerk!

Go Slow–You’ll Get There Quicker

Holy Holes

Count Your Blessings

Praise Power

“My Yoke Is Easy!”

The Oil Lamp

“Be Faithful Until Death”




What is it about some Christians? Why do they seem to radiate more of the Lord’s love than others? What gives them their quiet confidence in the face of obstacles and adversity? Why do they seem happier, more victorious? Where do they get their conviction, strong faith, and outgoing concern for others? In short, what makes them more like Jesus?

In this series of articles, David Brandt Berg explains that becoming more like Jesus isn’t a matter of self-works, self-deprivation, or striving in ourselves to be super-righteous. It’s simply a matter of learning to love and enjoy the Lord and all He has to offer, and then following Him as best we can.

Jesus wants us to be happy (John 15:11; Psalm 144:15). He came to earth and died to so that we could be reconciled with God, and thereby live happily with Him in Heaven forever. But that’s not the only reason He came, and that’s not all He has for us. He also wants to teach us how to experience much of that heavenly happiness here and now, and He wants us to show others how happy they can be by believing in Him, receiving His love, and following His loving example. More Like Jesus will help you do just that.






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