Obstacles Are For Overcoming

By Shannon Shayler

A Get Activated! Book

Quotations credited to D.B.B. are taken from the writings of David Brandt Berg (1919­­-1994). Reprinted by permission.
Where quotations are not attributed, authorship could not be ascertained.
Unless otherwise indicated, all Bible quotations in this booklet are from the New King James Version, © 1982 Thomas Nelson, Inc.



A Trouble-Free Life?

Why God Allows Troubles

Feeling the Squeeze

Burden?-Or Blessing?

Beauty for Ashes

Bearing the Burdens of Others

The Good Shepherd and the Loving Father

Getting Back on Track

The Potter Knows Best

Spiritual Warfare

The Armor of God

The Secret to Solutions

God Is in Control

Be a “Live One”

When Problems Persist

The Positive Power of Praise

Things Could Be Worse…

Take Advantage of Your Handicap

“If We Suffer, We Shall Also Reign…”

Power Promises



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